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Student Leadership

Student Council Pledge

Members of the student council discussed and agreed their vision to be: 

As student councilors, we promise to listen to, represent and communicate effectively with all students here at Waseley Hills. We will ensure the student voice is prioritized and considered when formulating discussions with members of the Senior Leadership Team at Waseley Hills.  

We will communicate all the students' ideas, concerns and interests during weekly student council meetings, any information following these discussions will be communicated back to the student body in a timely manner.  

We aim to bring forward ideas to teachers, subject leaders, and members of the SLT to create new learning opportunities such as trips, use of innovative technology in classrooms, extracurricular clubs, and sporting fixtures, all of which will improve our knowledge and understanding, increase motivation and create further curiosity in all subject areas.  

Senior Leadership Team member have agreed for the school council vision to be: 

At Waseley Hills our aim is to improve the life chances of all our pupils through a broad and balanced academic curriculum with the pupil's voice being an integral part. Our motivation is to develop confident and creative young people who can thrive in a changing world. The council are keen to make significant contributions to improve the overall achievement of students and ensure they have a rich, varied and enjoyable experience 

At Waseley Hills our vision for the student council is to serve, listen to and represent the views of all students from diverse backgrounds and communities. Student council representatives contribute and formulate discussions between Governors, SLT, Teachers, and the rest of the student body. The student council representatives have been elected through student voting campaigns with the whole student cohort electing whom they believe will best represent the student voice at student council meetings. Student council meetings are held on a weekly basis during culture time / morning registration, they help share student ideas, interests and concerns with the school wide community and members of the senior leadership team at Waseley Hills. In addition to representing the student voice, the student council will have the opportunity to plan events that contribute to positive school experience and community welfare. 

Our curriculum design is driven by the Knowledge aspect of KASE; developing expert subject knowledge alongside disciplinary skills to encourage critical thinkers who can communicate ideas and thoughts with clarity.  Key to our curriculum vision is that pupils experience a wide range of cultural opportunities and materials within school and that pupils are encouraged to communicate and talk about their knowledge, thinking and learning. Oracy is also an integral part of our aim; empowering pupils to articulate their knowledge, understanding and thinking. Student council representatives have successfully re-enforced Waseley Hills curriculum aim by creating sub-student council team, members of whom directly represent each of the KASE aspects of the school. Each team is led by a student council representative and will formulate discussions around their specific aspect of school life (Knowledge, Attributes, Skills, and Experiences). 


School Council Launch - Election 2022

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